Don't Wait for an 'Alien Invasion' to See the 'World Government' in Action

THE INTERNET MILITIA – They all thought it was going to be a staged alien invasion or meteorite strike that would enable the forging of a “world government”. They were all wrong.

By letting the coronavirus fearmongering spiral out of control the de facto world government has finally revealed itself to the world, in detail.

It happened at the World Economic Forum (WEF) when they revealed their “COVID Action Platform“. The internal documents, conveniently brought together in a fancy website, reveal how the WEF is going to use its influence over “1,000 leading companies in the world”, which all are WEF members and partners, to further solidify the de facto world government tyranny.

Its COVID Action Platform (CAP), the WEF claims, describes the global impact of the coronavirus outbreak and it outlines how the WEF wants to “solve” the alleged problem.

That the UN is the de facto world government its political affairs mouthpiece and the UN system its overt political framework has already been documented here. That the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is its banking affairs mouthpiece and global banking framework has also already been confirmed.

That the World Economic Forum is its corporate and economic mouthpiece and framework has now also been documented. By the WEF itself, we should add.

Through its CAP the WEF seeks to propagandize the 1,000+ companies that are members of the WEF.

The agenda that the WEF wants to be known, and for which it will use its 1,000+ members to relay the propaganda to the public, is completely outlined on the

From values they want the public to live by, to 5G and climate change. Their agenda ties it all together for them, piggybacking on the coronavirus outbreak – and for the whole world to witness.



Author: Brian Shakuro

Founder of T.I.M. - Words Stop Wars

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