We trained a whole new generation of activists, but we didn’t change how power functions.”

Micah White, Co-Founder Occupy Wall Street

The Internet Militia


Defend and enforce all natural rights

Disseminate factual information in the public sphere

De-escalate, stop and prevent armed military conflicts

Decentralized & Global

In a society where oppression and enslavement are the laws of the lands, the future of successful protest, civil disobedience and rebellion is decentralized and global.

Systemic Changes

To change the meaning of ‘the power structure’ and how it works, systemic changes have to be set in motion. Changes in how people perceive and process the information that they encounter in their lives. Changes in how authority is delegated to governments and multinational corporations and changes in what that authority exactly is.

Remember. For every tyrant that exists on this planet there are millions of people who can dethrone him.

Words Stop Wars

As oppressive regimes on all continents use words to justify their unjustifiable wars and tyranny, The Internet Militia uses words to stop wars and uproot all tyranny.

No standing army or “ruling elite” can enslave a well-informed and well-educated population.


Brian Shakuro

T.I.M. Founder

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